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CIIS with Professor Alfonso Montuori

September 26, 2023

Creativity And Binaural Beats. Professor Montuori interviews Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff on her life journey to using Binaural Beats as a healing technology.

PODCAST - Supercharge Your Brain with Binaural Beats

April 2022

Energy Medicine: Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Dr. Mary Sanders. Topics discussed: What is Sound Medicine?; What is binaural hearing?; What are binaural beats and how do I use them? Listen to the interview

Consciousness Central 2022 with Nick Day

April 2022

While attending Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, Elizabeth had the fortune to speak with Nick Day about cutting-edge technologies in the field of Sound Medicine. Watch the interview

Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness

May 19-26, 2022

8-day Free Virtual Summit hosted by Christian De La Huerta.  Elizabeth's topic, "Altered States of Consciousness and Sound: The Auditory Pathways of Binaural Beats:

Awareness Ascending

May 3, 2022 - 6pm PDT

7-day free trial to listen to Elizabeth's interview and other 'frequency healing' content at:

Briidgeapp: IGLive

April 5, 2022 - 7pm EST

Tips on anxiety, relaxation and managing the creative process with sound and binaural beats. (more info)

Music, Creativity & Transformation: The Making of NOKE

July 2021, with iAwake

Do Binaural Beats Really Entrain the Brain?

July 4, 2021, with iAwake

The Healing Power of Sound and Binaural Beats

November 5, 2020, with Yasmeen Turayhi, on Gateways to Awakening

The Frequency Of Fear

August 22, 2020, with Dr. Ivy Marguiles, on Shattered Conception

How do I Use Sound To Help My Feelings Of Loss?

Jan 6, 2019