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Please be advised that the videos provided below are solely intended for stress management and overall health and well-being and they are not a substitute for licensed health care services. In the unlikely event that you experience any physical and/or mental discomfort while watching any video published on this website, immediately discontinue use. Further, if you have a seizure disorder or heart condition, always check with your doctor before viewing any of the videos containing binaural beats music published on this website. You agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with watching any video published on the website. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

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Ride This Feel Good Wave Meditation in Alpha Theta: 30-second sample

Dusk to Dawn: Alpha Theta Meditation for Creativity - 30second sample

Intimate Voyage Meditation with Alpha

Warm Summer Night Feel Good Meditation in Alpha Theta

Emerald Forest Path: Alpha Theta Walking Meditation

Studious Lo-Fi Beats for Focus in Alpha Beta

Floating Beta Boost For Motivation

Origins in Delta Theta

Tropical Relaxation in Alpha Theta

Waves for Creativity in Alpha Theta

Moving Meditation in Alpha Theta

City Day A.D.H.D. Beta Boost

RElax 1 in Alpha Theta

RElax 2 in Alpha Theta

City Day A.D.H.D. Beta Boost