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Binaural Beats Meditation Shimmering Creativity

Shimmering: Alpha Theta Meditation for Creativity Warm Summer Nights to Feel Good  - Binaural Beats

A deeply meditative and powerfully consistent musical realm of peaceful waves and shimmering melodic accents, inviting you into deep breaths and relaxation from the first moments of the track. The first steps of creativity are the alpha and theta brain waves of receptivity, preparing the thoughts for inspiration to arrive.

Shimmering, written by Kevin Fong, and co-produced by Elizabeth Krasnoff and Kevin Fong, joins a collection of evidence based, original binaural beats songs composed by incredibly talented artists, produced with many levels of sound medicine in mind.

AGAIN,  the track of the month is only a thirty second sample of the full track.

That is because Sound Medicine® binaural beats are moving  to a subscription only app conveniently available on your smart phones.

You will receive a tailored sound medicine experience, exclusive to our app once it is launched!

Coming soon in the next few weeks…

And don't forget to send me a video with a few lines of how you use your binaural beats track - or how it works for you - and I’ll share it in the next newsletter.

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